#313. Why you never want to be average

I’ve written before about the dangers of being average. Being average is the antithesis of success, which is the main reason I am opposed to the very idea of such a thing. But there’s one more thing I want you to know before I shut up about being average(for now)

Average people don’t get average rewards, they get below average rewards

If you do average things with your life, you won’t reap the average rewards that you think you’re entitled to. This is a dog-eat-dog world. In this world, the average people are the ones who get scammed. Average people get robbed from, raped, murdered, anything you can think of. but unlike more successful people, average people don’t have as much to lean on (mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially) to support them when the world gives them the finger.

Most average people do very little to ensure their longstanding security, especially when it comes to finances. They live in the moment, often forgetting how important their future is. Often times, they lose all they have, and they never recover.

The world will never stop trying to destroy you. If you’re average, you very well might crack under the pressure. If you’re above average, whether you crack or not, you’ll have something to build yourself up on again.

The world is a nearly unstoppable force when it comes to destroying people’s lives. The only thing that you can do is try to stay strong. Resist all of the world’s pressures and temptations. And when the world finally breaks you(because it will), you won’t be stuck with below average rewards.

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