#332. In the new world order, content is king

Ever since the radio was invented and the mainstream media took shape, content has been on the road to the throne. The radio, and later television, drove the marketing style that helped some of the most valuable companies in the world become successful. Television and radio were where the best content lived. Newspapers also had their placed, but they didn’t have the money behind them to rise to the top of the public’s eye.

But then… the Internet was invented. Even better, the Internet became popular. Scratch that, it became a global sensation. The rise of the Internet, changed content. It changed where the content was coming from, the quality of the content, and the speed of the content’s release.

Video is still the most dominant. Netflix and YouTube are some of the biggest entities the Internet has to offer. The most popular content lives there. The viral videos, the most popular series live on YouTube and Netflix respectively.

Writing is still a very dominant type of content, even though it is less dominant than video. Articles come from every corner of the Internet. Sites like the Los Angeles Times and the Huffington Post are among the Internet’s most trusted sites. Sites like Medium and WordPress allow individuals to get exposure.

Now, individual creators and companies are vying for the following and the money that comes with hits on the Internet. Take Buzzfeed, for example, they have hundreds of people on staff all creating content for their YouTube channels and websites. They are competing with popular individual creators on the same platforms who are trying to reach the same audience.

A new world order has taken shape. In this new world order, the individual has just as much power as the company. The only thing that separates the millionaires and the individual is the content that they produce.

There is a caveat to the Internet’s new world order. But that’s a topic for tomorrow’s article.

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