#346. The #1 way to get free article ideas

For writers, its hard for us to get ideas for articles consistently. Never fear, I have found a solution. The easiest way to get free article ideas is to read.

It’s simple. Reading opens up your mind to a world of possibilities. As you read, you are being exposed to the ideas of other humans. Those people have presumably been influenced by many other people. The people that influenced the author of whatever you’re reading have been influenced by others. And so on and so far. Reading is a timeless way to receive information. By reading, you can read the thoughts of someone born before Christ in somewhere like China even though you are living 2000+ years after Christ and could be anywhere in the world.

Reading other pieces in your genre is a terrific way to get new ideas. By reading pieces in your genre, your ideas will be relevant to whatever you want to write. If you were a fiction writer that wanted to produce a mystery novel, maybe you should read mystery novel. Think of it as research. Ideas will start flowing sooner or later, and a mountain of hard work later, you have your mystery novel.

Reading pieces outside of your genre can also be helpful. The ideas you get from these pieces might not be immediately relevant. However, the mind has a powerful way of connecting ideas that seem unrelated. It’s worth a try

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