#370. Second wind

I’ve loved it ever since I could remember. The feeling of the wind pushing against my limbs, my face, my hair is just exhilarating. The fluidity of the motion is peaceful. All of those things made me want to run, but I really fell in love with the second wind.

You’re tired. Your legs are starting to get weaker and your heart is working overtime to keep up with your pace. But then you get that second wind. You get that rush of adrenaline that gives your leg back their power and then some. You start to breathe, letting in all of the oxygen and energy. Then, you start to run. Faster. And Faster. And even FASTER.

You run so fast that you can feel the freedom with every step. You can’t even feel the ground. I wouldn’t even really call it running. You’re walking on air. At that point, when you have your second wind, the world is your oyster. Anything is possible.

I was never a great runner, but I loved running. I was good enough to be on the varsity cross country team in high school but that was about it. I didn’t have the natural technique, the long strides, the strong legs. I wasn’t naturally fast. I ran because I loved to run.

Now that I’m in college I still run every morning around the blocks that surround the university. That morning was pretty similar to any other. I saw all the artisanal shops. I saw the playful children chomping down on McDonald’s breakfast. I saw the zombies trying to wake up with Starbucks. I saw the stressed parents overpaying for gas they need to function. And I saw my roommate, robbing a bank. Wait. What!!??

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