#395. Reject a good shot so you can shoot a great shot

I’ve been watching and playing basketball ever since I was a small child. In basketball there’s nothing more beautiful than great ball movement. When players share the ball so that one of their teammates can get the best shot possible is great to watch. I only realized now, however, that this same principle applies to our everyday lives

^ Watch that before you proceed^

That video is simply beautiful. It doesn’t show the ball movement from the vantage point that shows the entire floor, so it’s harder to see the strategic advantage in the video. Nevertheless, look at the video one more time. Look closely this time.

Every time that the Warriors pass the ball instead of taking a good shot, they get one of two things:

  1. An open layup or dunk
  2. An open 3-pointer(from all-time level shooters)

They pass up floaters, midrange jumpers, open pull up 3’s, tough finishes, and even close-out 3’s, which are all good shots. But open layups and open 3-pointers are the best shots in basketball.

Let that sink in. They reject good shots for the best possible shots.

This is what sets the Warriors apart from the rest of basketball. And this is what will set you apart from your peers in whatever you do.

Spending 30 minutes a day working on something you love is great.

But spending an hour doing the same thing is even better.

Taking time to learn the ropes in your industry is fine.

But that’s not how you become the best.

Good isn’t good enough. Reject good. Good hasn’t done anything for you, and it won’t do anything for you. If you want to be the best of the best, you’ll reject good, and you’ll be great.

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