#44. You’re on the right track, so what?

If he stays there, he’s bound to get hit eventually.
“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”
-Will Rogers

You’re on the right track. Cool. That really doesn’t mean anything. Don’t celebrate until you’ve finished. Runners don’t celebrate until they’ve crossed the finish line. Anything can happen to push you off track. You might be seconds away from victory, but you still haven’t finished.

Premature celebration

Premature celebration is a death wish. After a celebration, people typically take a little break. At that time, you become stagnant. Most of the time, taking a break after a victory is good. But, you shouldn’t be taking breaks unless you’re finished.

You have to keep pushing. If you just break for a second, life can pass you by. If time is an issue, you’ll get passed up by your opponents easily. It’s not very hard to pass someone that is standing still, no matter how far the difference is. Just ask the Tortoise. He took advantage of the Hare’s premature celebration to pass him even at his pace. If the Hare waited a couple more seconds to celebrate, he could’ve easily ran the race.

Once you’ve been passed by, it’s very hard to get back on the top. You might end up spending 5x the time and energy just to get back to the place that you were when you took that break.

Finish strong

You have to finish strong. More than that, you have to pace yourself. You have to know what pace you want to be moving at. You don’t want to burnout, you don’t want to “conserve energy”, you want to keep a nice pace. Finishing strong is more about keeping the pace throughout the entire race. That way, you’ll conserve some much needed energy and sanity(if you still have any left).

Embrace the Pace

If you want to finish strong, just keep swimming. You’re tired; that’s good. That means you’re human. Learn to get through it. If you must, learn to like it. Don’t just embrace the pain, embrace the pace. Keep the pace and embrace it. Settle how fast you will go, and keep it throughout the entire time. Some things might require to slow down or speed up, but for the most part, you have to keep swimming. The big thing is being able to discern how fast you should be going.

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