#51. I’m finally ready for the fight.

Last week was an amazingly tough week to conquer. I had to juggle multiple things that all needed my attention at once. Today, everything is slowing back down. It feels great. I had minimal work, and I took some time to just relax.

It’s a great feeling

Relaxing feels absolutely wonderful right now. Even this one day of not worrying about deadlines and other responsibilities has put me in a better mood. There is a weight that has been taken off of my back. Earlier today I was actually beginning to hope that the weight would just stay off for a little longer. But, I know that’s not going to happen. That’s okay. I’m glad I’ve taken this break to just chill out. I am anticipating the workload to slowly ramp up again.

This time I’ll be ready

This time, I’ll be ready for the workload. Last time, the workload hit me hard. For a moment it had me dazed and confused. This time, I’ll be ready. I’ll know what punches he’ll throw. I know his counterattacks and his dodges. I’ve evaluated what he will do, when he will do it and how he will do it. I’m prepared for this next fight. I’m going to win this time around.

I’ve had my water break and gone over the plan. I know the mistakes I made and how to fix them. All I have to do now is execute. Tomorrow, I’ll be well rested, alert, and ready for a fight.

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