#52. Microsoft unveils a phone that already seems 10 years old.

The Nokia 216… In all it’s primitive glory

Microsoft’s mobile line hasn’t been turning out so well lately. It’s horrible mobile sales is a hole in the company’s otherwise virtually spotless track record. Although they have made plenty of efforts, Microsoft has failed to create a competitively designed flagship smartphone with software that compares to Android and iOS. Microsoft looks to be turning a new leaf with the announcement of its newest feature phone: the Nokia 216. The 216 is a $37 phone that could fit right in with phones from 10 years ago.


The Nokia 216 has a 2.4-inch TFT display with a resolution of 320x240. It has 16 MB of RAM and a microSD slot that can take up to 32 GB. The 216 has a removable 1020 mAh battery, a headphone jack. It also has both front and rear cameras that include a flash. These specs would be quite impressive if we were looking at them 10 years ago. Quite frankly, though it falls flat against the competition, even at its price range.

Operating System

Microsoft’s 216 runs Nokia’s Series 30 software. It includes both the Opera Mini Web Browser and the Opera Mobile store. Although basic, it gives access to things like apps and games. Nokia’s Series 30 software is very simple, offering just the basics of pretty much everything.


It has an interesting design when you consider the year that we are living in. It has the classic Nokia candy bar design, equipped with an elegant-looking physical keyboard. It comes in black, gray, and mint colors. It is made out of a glossy plastic material.

Microsoft plans to sell the device starting next month in India. It will most likely not make it’s way to the US, but might be a nice option for developing markets like India. Hopefully, Microsoft announces some new Windows hardware later this year.

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