#54. There are characters everywhere

There are thousands of characters at this concert.

There are characters everywhere. At home, outside, at your local stores and other buildings, they are everywhere. Inspiration is in everything. Little pieces of people’s personalities can be inspiration for anything.

Telling stories

Storytelling is in everything. Whatever you are, wherever you are, whoever you are, great storytelling can go a long way. Telling your story is an amazing way to get people excited about any cause.

Sit back and observe

Sometimes it’s better to just sit back and take it all in. If you can sit back and observe, you’ll be much better off. Watch the characters of your everyday life. Watch them talk, watch them walk, watch them live, watch them learn. Observe how they go about their live. Sit back and watch the things that they do and how they do it. Learn the lessons they learn. Empathize and put yourself in their shoes. Find the characters, and experience what they experience.

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