#6. Nobody is listening

Every time I doubt my writing ability, I say the same things to myself. You had a couple popular articles, but for the most part nobody’s listening.

I won’t sit here and tell you I don’t care if my articles are read by people. I do care. That being said, I am learning to carry on. Article by article, day by day, I’m learning. Even if nobody is listening, I have to carry on.

Writing is art. The quality of the artist isn’t determined by the popularity of the artist, but by the quality of the work. So, even if nobody listens I will keep working.

I’m doing Daily Cup of Jo for me. I’m doing it so I don’t slack off. I’m doing it to improve my writing skills. I’m doing it because I never really kept a diary(or journal). I’m doing it because of the ideas. I’m doing it because of the inspiration that hits me when I write these unedited articles. I’m doing it to build an audience, because someday, they’ll listen. That day might be next week. That day might be next year. That day might be in the next century.

I’m learning not to rush things. There is no such thing as an overnight success. I haven’t even gone a week strong, do I really expect people to listen.

I care that nobody’s listening. I want people to listen. Even if no one listens, I refuse to become distraught over the stats on my articles.

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