#62. Marvel’s Luke Cage(Netflix) Episodes 1–3 Review

The Bulletproof Man is back at it again

Marvel’s Luke Cage was released today. Instead of waiting until the end of the series to watch the entire season and give you guys a review, I will be doing the review in 5 parts:1–3,4–6,7–9,10–12, and 13. Those reviews will be followed up by a full review that will be published on Thoughts on Things.

I’ll talk about each episode vaguely to prevent any spoilers. I’ll address the general storyline, but won’t reveal what actually happens.

Marvel’s Luke Cage is a show that has been a long time coming. Shortly after Mike Colter made his debut as Luke Cage in Marvel’s Jessica Jones, a new show was officially announced. After months of anxiously waiting, the fans have got what they asked for. Following the success of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Marvel and Netflix pair up again to give the viewers an exciting show about one of Marvel’s most interesting heroes.

Episode 1

Episode 1 sets up the slow climb to the climax of the story. It begins with Luke Cage a simple working man trying to live his life and be left alone. The show starts to take a turn when notorious criminal, club owner, and gang leader Cottonmouth is introduced. Even from the first episode, it was easy to see that Luke Cage’s simple life will soon be interrupted.

Episode 2

In the second episode of Luke Cage’s introductory season, he gets pulled deeper into conflict with Cottonmouth when his friend Pops asked him to help a local kid. This would be harmless, if the kid didn’t commit a huge crime against Cornell Stokes, who is far from happy about the situation.

Episode 3

Episode 3 turns things up a notch. A series of crimes transforms the protagonist from a side piece to the center of attention. Now, as the police lag behind in their efforts, Luke Cage takes things into his own hands. The results aren’t pretty, especially for Cottonmouth and his associates.


Overall, Luke Cage’s first 3 episodes were a success. While episodes 1 and 2 largely set up the conflict, Episode 3 was a turning point that really made me excited to see the rest of the serious. The actors really explored the emotions of the characters, bringing the story to life. The show is gritty, but has enough comic relief to prevent lowering the audience’s mood.

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