#7. 7 days strong

I have a long road ahead of me, but I’m ready for the journey

Today is Day 7 of Daily Cup of Jo. Here we are, a week from the start. I know this milestone isn’t very big, but it’s a milestone nonetheless.

Daily Cup of Jo was started because of a convergence of 2 basic ideas.

The first idea was to branch out into my own brand, instead of writing for several other organizations. Before Daily Cup of Jo and its sister publication Thoughts on Things, I was writing for about 6 publications. Those publications gave me a nice amount of exposure, but the situation still wasn’t idea.

Daily Cup of Jo

Daily Cup of Jo logo

The second idea was for a publication where I could put out my thoughts, raw and unedited. I wanted a publication where I could give the reader my thoughts, straight from the source. That meant no editing, no brainstorms, no process. Just me, a subject to write about, and my keyboard. This was important to me. I wanted to have a conversation with my readers.

Thoughts on Things

Thoughts on Things logo

As I began to work on the release of my new publication, I began to notice one thing. It wouldn’t be smart to produce all of my articles in the same matter. As nice as it is to write down my unedited thoughts, I needed a place to put the other articles. I needed a place to put the articles that went through the process. So, Thoughts on Things was born. There, I would put my thoughts on various subjects in a different manner than Daily Cup of Jo.

That’s how my 2 publications were born. Thoughts on Things is about a week and a half old, while Daily Cup of Jo was started a week ago today. Thanks for listening and enjoy the future content from my publications!

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