#70. AT&T might stop selling Galaxy Note 7’s

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in all its former glory. Several failed attempts later, it has to die.

Samsung, specifically its Galaxy Note line, had a huge setback about 3 weeks ago. Now, it seems like their explosive devices were the beginning of the end. After one of the new “safe” Galaxy Note 7’s exploded on a Southwest Airlines plane Wednesday, US cellphone carrier AT&T might be done taking chances with Samsung

Canceling the Note 7

After Version B of the Galaxy Note 7 failed, I think its time for Samsung to call it quits for this year. Instead of scrambling to fix a device that has been plagued, they can gear up for their triumphant return next year.

Samsung doesn’t seem to want to cancel the Note 7 themselves, so US carriers might end the Galaxy Note 7 themselves. Without the support of its carrier partners, the Note 7’s sales will plummet further into an endless abyss. AT&T might just be the first of the bunch to stop releasing the Note 7

At this point, it’s not safe for the customers. The Note 7 was a great phone while it lasted, but the explosive quality of Samsung’s 6th Galaxy Note is more than a dealbreaker.

For those that have a Note 7

If AT&T in fact discontinues the Note 7 early, they will cease to sell the “safe” replacement Galaxy Note 7’s. They will also stop allowing customers to replace their current Note 7’s with a replacement one. Instead, they will be able to switch it out with another smartphone.

Clearly the explosion on that Southwest Airlines plane spooked the US carriers from selling the Galaxy Note 7. AT&T might be the first to cancel the Galaxy Note 7. Its competitors will follow suit. Let the domino effect begin.

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