#77. 2016–17 NBA 6th Man of the Year Award Predictions

Every team needs a good bench to succeed. That’s why the NBA gives out an award for outstanding bench players that often get overlooked. So, which players will be the most outstanding off the bench? Let’s find out.

Brandon Knight

There are a few things that might stop Brandon Knight from becoming the 2017 NBA 6th Man of the Year. The most important obstacle to his growth is himself. If he doesn’t accept his role as a 6th man, then he won’t stand a chance against his competitors. In this problem lays another problem. If he doesn’t accept his role, the Suns might be forced to trade him, as they were when they put 3 star point guards on the same time a few years back.

If those things don’t hold Knight back, it’ll be hard to bet against him. He’s a very high quality player that was almost an all star a couple years back. He will also be highly motivated this season, even more so than some of his counterparts. Because, unlike them, he’s playing for his career a little bit. A good season this year can be the spark he needs to reignite a promising career. A less than stellar season may have the opposite effect. He’s also the perfect candidate for the 6th Man of the Year Award, because he’s a prolific scorer with an excellent handle. Players of that type(like Jamal Crawford)have been known to rack up 6th Man awards.

Will Barton

Will Barton’s breakout season last year made him one of the top bench performers in the league. He finished 4th in 6th Man of the Year voting. Just like last year, he’ll be one of the top candidates to win the award. He will be the steady veteran scoring force off the bench that will give some consistency to his team. Being that veteran force will be something that will help Barton’s case for 6th Man of the Year. The youth movement that the Nuggets are going through will further highlight Barton’s talent. This is because Barton can make up for some of the mistakes his young teammates might make

After a breakout season, Will Barton is in the prime position to be 6th Man of the Year this season. He is a rare mix of size, athleticism and scoring prowess that will impress viewers during this season. Another thing to watch is a potential 40 or 50 point game, which will bring attention and further help his case.

Enes Gulen(Kanter)

Enes Kanter(who recently changed his last name to Gulen) is one of the premier post players in the NBA. He has a nice face up game, back to the back game, is a nice finisher and mid-range shooter. Although he is a shaky defender, his offensive talents could make him a starter on just about every team in the league.

He most likely won’t start though, on account of defensive stud Steven Adams and rookie power forward Domantas Sabonis. So, once again Enes Kanter will be on the bench, and he will excel in his role.

He will most likely have the best stats of all the candidates. He is one of the most efficient scorers in the NBA today. Even better, the loss of 4 time scoring champ Kevin Durant will open up more scoring opportunities for him. He wasn’t too far off from the Sixth Man nod last year, finishing 3rd in voting last year. The loss of Kevin Durant will also bring lots of attention to the Thunder, which will help his cause. Scoring is the name of the game for Sixth Men. As the most prolific and reliable bench scorer in the league,(maybe behind Jamal Crawford) he’ll have several legs up on the competition.

Honorable Mentions

Al Jefferson

Stanley Johnson

Alec Burks

Eric Gordon

Jamal Crawford

Andre Iguodala

Greg Monroe

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