#83. Consensus- 2016 Macbook Pro(What’s New)

This will be the start of the new series that I’ll be doing periodically. It’s aptly called Consensus, because it goes over the general consensus of big topics. Today’s big topic is the new Apple Macbook Pro.

Source: Macworld

We’ve been waiting for Apple to upgrade the Macbook Pro for years now, and the redesign is finally upon us. Now, after years of the same old Retina Macbooks, we have a redesigned laptop with tons of new features. Here’s the consensus from some of the top media outlets.

New features

Since there are so many, I’ll just be listing them out.


  • Thinner
  • Lighter
  • Has 4 USB C ports
  • The 2 USB C ports on the left support Thunderbolt
  • There is a little OLED screen over the keyboard(where the function keys use to be) called the “Magic Toolbar”
  • Right of the Toolbar is the power button/fingerprint sensor
  • Touch ID is finally on Macs
  • Butterfly keyboard switches
  • Force touch trackpad(You can use it as a Wacom tablet with the Apple Pencil

What matters

At the end of the day, only 3 of these features are going to make people want to upgrade from a previous Macbook Pro. One such feature is the Magic Toolbar

The Magic Toolbar is a littled OLED screen that replaces the function keys over the keyboard. Software that is made for the Macbook Pro can make this a killer feature that you won’t see on any other laptop. Since the screen is OLED, it has relatively low power consumption.

Touch ID is finally on Macs

For years iPhone users have been blessed with the fingerprint sensor, that has allowed them to securely unlock their phones instantly. No more hard-to-remember passwords, no more 2 or 3 errors. Just place your fingerprint on the power button to wake and unlock your device all at the same time.

The new Force Touch Trackpad.

Previous Macbooks had Force Touch trackpads, but they weren’t as good as this one. The new Force Touch trackpad adds a killer feature: using it with your Apple Pencil, to draw. This can be the perfect feature for someone who already has an iPad Pro, or really loves taking handwritten notes, but can’t seem to part ways with his laptop. The only problem is, while the surface is huge for a trackpad, it’s not very big if you’re thinking of a wacom tablet replacement. If you’re thinking of buying an Apple Pencil along with this to draw or take notes, you’re going to want to try it out first.

The Butterfly switches

The butterfly switch keyboard isn’t really a feature. It’s just a different mechanism that is underneath the keyboard keys that you press down. Most people will either love it or hate it, so the keyboard is also something that you’re going to want to test out before committing to it full-time.


The new Macbook Pro is exciting, but the older Macbook Pro’s still aren’t obsolete or anything. The 2016 Macbook Pro has tons of features that could be awesome, but overall, it’s not a huge leap forward. If you can find a 2014 or 2015 model for way cheaper, it might be a better bet to grab one of those. If money isn’t an object however, look no further for one of the best laptops of the year.

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