#97. This Week in Ball #1|The Winless and the Undefeated

This has been an interesting week in basketball. Let me take you through it.

Cleveland: The only one standing

Before this week, there were several teams left undefeated. After teams like the Hawks fell to their foes, last year’s champions continue their dominance in the East.

3 way tie

Out west, there is a three-way tie for the top spot in the West. The teams vying for the top spot are the new look Warriors, the Duncan-less Spurs, and the Durant-less Thunder.

The Thunder were undefeated, until Russell Westbrook and the gang met the ferocity of the West’s resident superteam and new villains: the Warriors. With former MVP and scoring champ Kevin Durant on the other side this time, the Thunder didn’t stand a chance

Woes from the Winless

The NBA season usually starts with some teams going undefeated, while others are winless. Usually, that is eradicated by this time of year. Not this year though, as there are 4 teams still left standing in the winless bracket. 2 of those teams come from the East; the other 2 teams come from the West. Those teams include: the Mavericks, Pelicans, 76ers, Wizards.


The Pelicans are winless because Anthony Davis has no help. Simply put, their management has done a unsatisfactory job putting talent around their superstar player. With Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday(there best players besides Anthony Davis) out and some of their old supporting cast(Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon) elsewhere, it’s not surprising they aren’t racking up the wins. It must suck for Anthony Davis, who is among the league leaders in several stat categories(points, rebounds, blocks)


The Mavs are just horrible. Their best player is Dirk Nowitzki, who is on the brink of retirement. Playing second fiddle is Harrison Barnes, who was thrown to the curb when the Warriors decided to sign Kevin Durant. They remind me of the Los Angeles Lakers from last year, but without the promising young talent.


The 76ers are another team that were expected to be this bad. Without their #1 overall pick from last year’s draft and with their top pick forom the year before on minutes restriction, the future doesn’t look so bright(at least for their record). Good thing that they have all of those draft picks and assets, or all would be lost in philly.


The Wizards were another team that weren’t supposed to be this bad. John Wall is putting up his usual numbers, but his teammates hasn’t been much help as of late. Whatever they’re doing out there in the capitol isn’t working.

MVP Race

The MVP race is way more wide open than in previous years, and players are trying to make their case strong. Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard, and James Harden are all ready to cement themselves in the ranks of legends.

Most of them are top 5 in the scoring race and are doing the best they can to carry their team.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens when the MVP race narrows down to 2 or 3 people.

Demar Derozan: Scoring champ?

Demar Derozan is shutting the haters up with his performance early this season. Many people didn’t understand why the raptors gave him such a large contract. Well, he’s leading the league with 36 points per game.So far, he’s earned his keep 2 times over.

I doubt that Derozan will be the scoring champ when it’s all said and done,but this might be the next step that firmly puts him into the "superstar"category. If he continues his great play, he’ll earn his keep among the games top 15.

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