#351.You can’t be negative and creative at the same time

They just don’t mix

You wouldn’t put oil and water in a pan and put the fire on would you? If you did, water food you were trying to cook wouldn’t be any good. Oil and water don’t mix.

Since oil and water repel each other, they need to be kept apart. The same goes with negativity and creativity. You can’t create something great if you’re mind is filled with negative thoughts.

Negativity will slow you down and restrict your flow of ideas. Creating is hard work. How are you supposed to be engrossed in that work if you’re letting negative thoughts cloud your judgment.

Negativity makes you act desperately, even if your situation doesn’t correspond with that thought. You want to act with desire, but you don’t want to be desperate. Ever. There’s nothing more dangerous than a desperate man.

Sure, a desperate man is dangerous to others, but that man is also dangerous to himself. A desperate man is self destructive. A negative man is self destructive. Don’t be desperate; try to think positively.

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