The Star

She sat there.

In the same patch of grass she always had. She suspected that her backside had even began waring divots into the earth.

Her hands ran across the blades of grass carelessly as she stared up into the dark blanket of night.

A small sigh escaped her parted lips.

She had always wished she lived in rural area as to better see the stars.

Tonight 1 or 2 peeked out at her.

“Hello.” she spoke quietly to them as they twinkled back at her.

She had done this a lot in her years. Speaking to the sky, the stars, the planets. She thought they particularly good listeners, better than her girlfriends or family could ever be.

She quietly began speaking about her day and the week she had had.

‘It’s nice to get an entire story out without interruption,’ she thought to herself.

Relaxing her torso backwards to meet the patch of grass she had familiarized herself with for so long she noticed a new brighter star had escaped through the sky’s black canvas.

It got brighter the longer she stared. Fuller and more blinding.

She blinked.

It was gone.

Whipping her head to quickly scan the sky, trying to find the bright star once more she blinked again.

It was back.

Closer, somehow. Just as bright if not brighter than before, but it was in a different location.

It looked as if it had landed on a mountain in the distance.

She squinted, trying to focus on the fuzzy outline the ‘star’ was forming.

Originally published at Riley Genevieve Smith.

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