The Drop: Whale Connections, End of Life “Events”, Plastic Reform & Local Mishaps

Aug 25, 2016

In Naked Arctic Whale Diving News

Everyone knows belugas whales don’t like being touched. Most people also know they despise artificial materials such as diving suits. Unfortunately makes it difficult for human scientists to study these amazing caviar producing machines. But skilled Russian diver/scientist/yoga teacher, Natalia Avseenko has found a way. The solution, strip down- bare naked lady style and plunge into the freezing waters. Then, ride those majestic creatures. Don’t be afraid to click in this link for the pics, we’re calling this one SFW.

Sébastien Marchand

Facing down death and kicking the bucket in style, (because why the hell not)

Many cringe at the idea of knowing you’re going to die. This is one of the most difficult concepts we could grapple with. Your options are to either worry yourself into an early grave or face your end with grace and in some cases style. On June 9, 2016, the End of Life Options Act, a law that allows terminally ill adults to take an aid-in-dying medication, took effect in California. The following is a story of a courageous woman who seized this opportunity. She did not want to be in extreme pain anymore and who allowed her family and friends to take part in her passing. A passing in the most beautiful way imaginable. Don’t miss this one.

We need an global weapons style ban on plastics

At Heady Roasters, we’re pretty open about our disdain for the evil K-cup coffee pods. Not because they are an obvious competitor of ours. (only in consuming behavior, nowhere near in caliber of taste) It’s because those little bastards produce an ungodly amount of plastic waste. Enough for which we’ll never fully comprehend. We need a real solution sooner than later. In a great expose of the problem, writer and environmentalist Nils Simon, lays the groundwork for how we could actually achieve putting a global ban in place.

In local (coffee) related news…

Calmly brushing off the accident that would have normally left him incensed, local man Alex Perkins, 36, told reporters Tuesday that, all things considered, the fresh coffee stain on his shirt is not as big a deal this morning. “It’s a new shirt, but you know what, I’ll be fine,”. Read more about this brave man and his half-full outlook.

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