July 26, 2017


Sometime after I got off the plane Monday I contracted some sort of allergy. I really don’t like having allergies. I can handle a stuffy nose but the tingly nose and pressure behind my eyes are super annoying. Plus I can’t shake the headache. I’m sure it will clear up in the next couple of days.

If there is one thing I don’t like about Austin is all the molds and pollens. That and the heat this time of year. Brutal.


“Purchased, yes. Rented, no. Why spend $4 on a 48 hour rental when you can buy it for life!!??”

-Megw5683 (Neither)

I don’t know how many of you know this but when you purchase a digital movie from Amazon and (I’m pretty sure) iTunes, Google Play or any other place you don’t actually own the movie. In other words it would be against the purchase agreement to download the movie offline to keep your own copy. You are technically purchasing a license to watch the movie. Ridiculous.


​Yesterday’s #DailyPrize winner was Erinperko. They have been notified and have been paid. They won $3.

#GamePrize pot is now $423. $23 + a Jeffrey Wong custom pro athlete face portrait painting ($400). This game’s last question is July 31st.

All the best,



You vote each day. The questions will open at 10 am est and close the next day at 10 am est.

You will have 2 ways to win.

  1. #DailyPrize — Each day I will select somebody who voted the previous day. They will have a chance to win up to $5. $3 for voting + $1 if they answered in the majority + $1 if they referred another player at any time in the past. I announce the #DailyPrize by noon est. If you want to hear it first follow Crowdini on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or Snapchat. Otherwise it will be posted in the next day’s email. Of course the winner will be notified via email immediately upon selection. NEW: The #DailyPrize winner will have 72 hours to claim the daily prize or the cash goes into the Game Prize pot.
  2. #GamePrize — You will also be playing for points. The points system will be based on the percentage of votes the answer you chose receives. If the answer you chose received 32% of the vote, you receive 32 points for that day. At the end of the game the player with the most points will win whatever cash wasn’t claimed by the daily winners.
  3. #GamePrize winner will also receive a custom 12"x12" face portrait painting of the pro athlete they choose. This is from Jeffrey Wong. It retails for $400.

**You can also receive up to 25 points this game for referrals. I give 5 points per referral. You can always refer more which I would appreciate but you will only get counted for up to 5 this game.

I have budgeted $5 a day for prizes. (That number will go up as we get more players. So refer your friends if you want the prizes to get better. :)

The game starts today, July 6th, and goes through July 31. That is 26 days. 26 x $5 = $130.

I will still give out the #DailyPrize up to $5. However any of that $5 that is left over goes into the pot for the #GamePrize.

In this daily email I will update each day what the #GamePrize cash amount is currently along with announcing the #DailyPrize winner.


Yesterday’s Question: Have you ever rented a movie from iTunes or Amazon?

Majority Answer: Neither


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