November 13, 2017


For the last few weeks we have been working on the next iteration of Crowdini. I use the word iteration because for the most part Crowdini isn’t changing. However the prize payout is changing. And because of that you can actually get paid to vote.

Let me explain.

If you remember a few games ago I added STEEM as a possible way to receive the #DailyPrize or the #CrowdiniPrize.

I spent a couple of weeks really studying how STEEM works and liked the system put in place to compensate people. It got me thinking how I could integrate it into Crowdini in such a way people could get compensated for voting.

It took a few days but I figured out how to make it work. So I reached out to one of the current developers of We had an hour long conversation where I explained Crowdini and what I wanted to do.

By the end of the conversation we had hashed out how we could make it work. The next day we started working on making it a reality. allows people to get compensated for creating and voting up good content. I won’t go into all the details about how their system works, you can read that yourself at their website.

What we are going to do is make a Crowdini question and results look like a blog post on Steemit and use player votes as the upvotes for the blog post. I will go into more detail about how this all works another day.

Just suffice it to say that we tested this the last week and are ready to test it with more people.

Our plan is to test it with players and if all goes well switch to this system starting December 1.

So how would you get paid for voting???

Well the genius of their system is the blog post on Steemit earns money for being popular. Some of these posts earn hundreds of dollars of STEEM. We only need to average about $6 of STEEM per post to get to the prize level we have now. Again I will explain how this works in more detail another day.

What I have decided to do is add a 4th prize to each game. That 4th prize will be worth about 10% of the prize pool. And most importantly that 4th prize will be split among all players who voted on every question in the game. So if the game had 15 questions and you voted on all 15 then you would get your portion of the 4th prize. Just for voting.

I can see how this might sound a bit confusing. But trust me it is pretty simple.

Sorry I have closed the beta test.

For everybody else I will be following up with more details on this most likely next week.

All the best,


Question: Which cardio exercise do you prefer?

Comment: “Because I enjoy swimming all year long. In the summer time it’s at the beach. In the winter time it’s at the gym.” by Propertyofmooch who answered “Swimming”.


​Yesterday’s $2 #DailyPrize winner was Demotape. They have been notified but have not replied yet.

You can always find out who the #DailyPrize winner is as soon as they are chosen by following Crowdini on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.​


Named Cranberry after the sweet, sweet sauce I put on all my turkey sandwiches this time of the year.

Game Length: November 1–15, 2017.

Points: Percentage System (see How To page)

Referrals: 5 points for each of the referrer and referred players. Up to 25 points for this game (see How To page for what is needed to get a referral)

Bonus: 100 points. If a question is labeled Bonus the players who choose the answer that actually happens will earn an extra 100 points.


There are 2 ways to win: #CrowdiniPrize and #DailyPrize

  • #CrowdiniPrize — Prizes awarded after the November 15 question closes.
​First place — $25 giftcard to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, or STEEM (winner’s choice)
Second place — $15 giftcard to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, or STEEM (winner’s choice)
Third place — $5 giftcard to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, or STEEM (winner’s choice)
  • #DailyPrize — Each day a voter from the previous day’s question will be chosen to win $2 cash paid via PayPal or Venmo, or 2SBD via Steemit (winner’s choice). I will announce the winner each day on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or Snapchat.​


Yesterday’s Question: Which cardio exercise do you prefer?

Majority Answer: Running