October 16, 2017


The new game is called Spoopy. Click the link if you don’t know the meme. For some reason I think it makes sense for this time of year and the Crowdini game.

Rules are exactly the same as the last game. If you don’t know what those are scroll down to the Game Format section below.

Good luck. Notice in the leaderboard screenshot below that the points leader changed when yesterday’s question opened. The Pumpkin Spice game’s points will be finalized today.

Winner will be announced on the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat accounts later today.

All the best,

P.S. Check out the image above. Sunday’s question was inspired by this tweet from Friday. Now check out the results from Sunday’s question. What is interesting to me is that Redeye’s audience is most likely gamers. I would assume most of Crowdini’s players are not. I think it is interesting to see the perceptive difference from inside and outside a community.



-benwolff (Competitive Gamers)

Admittedly I’m pretty ignorant in this space but this seems like it should have been a choice. Nice suggestion!


​Yesterday’s $2 #DailyPrize winner was Scuzmaster. They have been notified and paid.

You can always find out who the #DailyPrize winner is as soon as they are chosen by following Crowdini on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. (links in #2 below)


Named Spoopy

Game Length: October 16–31, 2017.

Points: Percentage System (see How To page)

Referrals: 5 points for each of the referrer and referred players. Up to 25 points for this game (see How To page for what is needed to get a referral)

Bonus: 100 points. If a question is labeled Bonus the players who choose the answer that actually happens will earn an extra 100 points.


There are 2 ways to win: #CrowdiniPrize and #DailyPrize

  • #CrowdiniPrize — Prizes awarded after the October 31 question closes.
​First place — $25 giftcard to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, or STEEM (winner’s choice)
Second place — $15 giftcard to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, or STEEM (winner’s choice)
Third place — $5 giftcard to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, or STEEM (winner’s choice)
  • #DailyPrize — Each day a voter from the previous day’s question will be chosen to win $2 cash paid via PayPal or Venmo, or 2SBD via Steemit (winner’s choice). I will announce the winner each day on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or Snapchat.​


Yesterday’s Question: What should professional esports players be called?

Majority Answer: Competitive Gamers


How many times a day on average do you wash your hands?

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