October 19, 2017


First of all you must have an iOS device to play the game.

HQ is a new mobile game that is live everyday. At 3pm est (weekdays only) and 9pm est they ask 12 multiple choice trivia questions live and do a knockout style game. If you answer a question wrong you are knocked out. At the end of the 12 questions whoever is left splits the prize.

Last night they started with over 6,000 players, the prize was $250 dollars, and 5 people answered all 12 questions correctly and split the prize.

It is very well executed. I am super impressed with it. If you get a chance play it and then let me know what you think. It lasts about 15 min total.

I bring this up because when I launched Crowdini for the first time in 2014 my ultimate goal was to have a live mobile game show. HQ’s format is better than what I wanted to do. That said it feels good to know somebody is doing this and I really think it will be successful.

Probably the most surprising thing to me is that the game runs so smooth technically. I’m not sure I could have done that in 2014. I don’t notice any latency and that is impressive. I’m interested if they can keep that up with a lot more users playing live.

I will be following along and playing from time to time. If you want to try it out here is the link to download it from the App Store.

All the best,


“I’m confused by the question, but penne is pretty dope.”

-Steviehuahua (penne)

So from the comments I think most people were confused with the question. It made sense to me when I created it. This was probably one time where I should have run the question by somebody else first.


​Yesterday’s $2 #DailyPrize winner was dlehnert. They have been notified and replied but have not been paid yet.

You can always find out who the #DailyPrize winner is as soon as they are chosen by following Crowdini on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. (links in #2 below)


Named Spoopy

Game Length: October 16–31, 2017.

Points: Percentage System (see How To page)

Referrals: 5 points for each of the referrer and referred players. Up to 25 points for this game (see How To page for what is needed to get a referral)

Bonus: 100 points. If a question is labeled Bonus the players who choose the answer that actually happens will earn an extra 100 points.


There are 2 ways to win: #CrowdiniPrize and #DailyPrize

  • #CrowdiniPrize — Prizes awarded after the October 31 question closes.
​First place — $25 giftcard to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, or STEEM (winner’s choice)
Second place — $15 giftcard to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, or STEEM (winner’s choice)
Third place — $5 giftcard to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, or STEEM (winner’s choice)
  • #DailyPrize — Each day a voter from the previous day’s question will be chosen to win $2 cash paid via PayPal or Venmo, or 2SBD via Steemit (winner’s choice). I will announce the winner each day on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or Snapchat.​


Yesterday’s Question: What is your favorite nuclear pasta created by neutron stars?

Majority Answer: spaghetti


Which of these 3 is the best comedian?