September 14, 2017


Yesterday if you scrolled to the bottom of the email it was missing the “Yesterday’s Results” section. Sorry about that. It was a mistake I missed when testing the reminder email.

It should be fixed for today’s email.


If you turned on the reminder email toggle you most likely received a reminder email even though you already voted. Sorry about that as well. We will get that fixed today.

Preventing Identity Theft…(related to the Equifax breach and responding to comments made yesterday)

First off if you don’t live in the US then these tips probably don’t help you. I’m sorry I don’t know what to do in your country.

The majority of our players are in the US and these tips are for them.

2 days ago I posted in this daily email some tips to help prevent you from getting your identity stolen.

Somebody asked what the Equifax breach was…Click here for that.

Several comments were about not knowing how to freeze your credit or put fraud alerts on your accounts. Here is a great link that will explain all that you need to do to freeze your credit:

That takes you to an article that goes step by step.

Also like in the comment of the day below, it looks like you might be eligible for fraud protection through your health insurance. It might be something worth checking into.

One other thing. In the email 2 days ago I said I paid for credit monitoring via Identity Guard. You don’t have to pay to monitor your credit. You can get most of what a credit monitoring service can provide for free by setting up fraud alerts with the credit agencies.

Here is a how to setup fraud alerts for free.

One last thing, with the breach I heard of a 4th credit monitoring company, Innovis. I had only heard of Equifax, Experian and TransUnion up until this. Here is how to freeze your credit at Innovis.

All the best,


P.S. I really wanted to talk about the Apple event today in preparation for the bonus question but your comments were more important to respond to. Maybe tomorrow.


“I found out I get free fraud protection in my health insurance so I signed up.”

-Lacezilla (Add a fraud alert to your credit accounts)

I didn’t know about this but that is a very nice feature. I will be checking my health insurance today to see if I get the same thing.


​Yesterday’s $2 #DailyPrize winner was Themormonbishop. They have been notified and paid.

You can always find out who the #DailyPrize winner is as soon as they are chosen by following Crowdini on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. (links in #2 below)


Named Tailgating in honor of the start of football season.

Game Length: September 1–15, 2017.

Points: Percentage System (see How To page)

Referrals: 5 points for each of the referrer and referred players. Up to 25 points for this game (see How To page for what is needed to get a referral)

Bonus: 100 points. If a question is labeled Bonus the players who choose the answer that actually happens will earn an extra 100 points.


There are 2 ways to win: #CrowdiniPrize and #DailyPrize

  • #CrowdiniPrize — Prize awarded after the last question closes on September 15.
​First place — $25 giftcard to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes (winner’s choice)
Second place — $15 giftcard to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes (winner’s choice)
Third place — $5 giftcard to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes (winner’s choice)
  • #DailyPrize — Each day a voter from the previous day’s question will be chosen to win $2 cash paid via PayPal or Venmo (winner’s choice). I will announce the winner each day on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or Snapchat.​

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