Today ends the Cutest Puppy Tournament. As you can see above we have the two of the most adorable puppies vying for Cutest Puppy. You will have to choose. Both these puppies barely won their semifinal matchups so this should be a fun final matchup.

Also today starts a new game. I am calling it Middle Child. First borns and youngest children usually get the most attention. I was a first born so I don’t know what it feels like but I want to celebrate the child I feel like doesn’t get enough credit day in and day out.

Terms of the game are below. Have a great Monday and pick the cutest puppy!

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Yesterday’s Question: Cuter Puppy: Pembroke Welsch Corgi or Golden Retriever?

Comment: “Most beloved” by fiorenza who answered “Golden Retriever”.

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Yesterday’s Question: Cuter Puppy: Pembroke Welsch Corgi or Golden Retriever?

Majority Answer: Pembroke Welsh Corgi


Cuter Puppy: Labrador Retriever or Pembroke Welsh Corgi?


Game Length: July 30 — August 12, 2018

Prize Pool: 25 SBD

Points: Percentage System (see How To)

Referrals: 5 points for each of the referrer and referred players. Max 25 points (see How To for what is needed to get a referral)

Bonus: 100 points. If a question is labeled Bonus the players who choose the answer that actually happens will earn an extra 100 points.

Prizes: (All prizes paid in STEEM)

  • First Prize — 50% of the prize pool
  • Second Prize — 25% of the prize pool
  • Third Prize — 15% of the prize pool
  • 100% Prize — 10% of the prize pool split between:
  • All players who voted in every question in the game and upvoted all results posts on Steemit for the game within the first 24 hours of the post publishing.
  • If this is your first game you will be eligible if you vote in every question from the day you sign up to the end of the game and have upvoted all the results posts on Steemitstarting from the day you joined.
  • First, Second and Third place winners are not eligible