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Alphien x NapBots : PRESS RELEASE

Paris-Singapore, May 14, 2021


NapBots and Alphien are joining forces in order to launch an Alphathon, a competition aimed at building a dynamic long-only allocation strategy between five cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ether, LiteCoin, XRP and USD Tether will be part of the investable index with a maximum concentration of 50% per coin.

The competition is open to any participant with some data science expertise. The prize pool for the winners is €10,000, on top of which there are potential “licensing fees” proportional to the assets invested if a strategy is selected by NapBots.

The competition is hosted online on Alphien’s integrated research platform and sponsored by NapBots. Alphien provides the technology and the tools to easily build quantitative investment strategies on the cloud. NapBots provides the integration to numerous crypto exchanges and the ability to execute the strategy in your own account.

The Competition is open to all coders in the world through a simple registration on Alphien. The winners will be elected after the 16th of June 2021. The ranking will be displayed in the competition page details on Alphien’s website.

Arnaud Dartois, Co-founder at Napoleon Group adds ”In increasingly volatile crypto markets, the demand for automated trading solutions is exploding. Napbots, which has become a reference in the field, is proud to partner with Alphien to strengthen its bots offering with new high-performance and decorrelated solutions, for the benefice of its customers”

Lionel Semonin, CEO at Alphien notes “Crypto Trading bots are rising in popularity. This finance competition will be an exciting topic for our community of data scientists and will also attract new participants with a passion for digital assets. Our platform facilitates collaborative research and offers all participants a unique and equitable opportunity to provide scientific solutions to a wide range of investment problems including digital assets.”

Press contacts:


Philippe DAMAY

Tel.: +65 6220 9014



Sergio Gonzales

Tel.: +65 6220 9014


Note to publishers:

Alphien —


Alphien is a fintech based in Singapore. The start-up connects the financial industry to the world of academic research thanks to its interactive platform. First, it provides researchers with the technology and data required to develop quantitative investment strategies. Secondly, financial institutions can use Alphien as a genuine research and innovation laboratory. This enables them to access a vast pool of talent and expertise, in particular in the field of data science. In June 2019, Alphien was certified by the Finance-Innovation cluster for its “Alphathon” project.

Napbots —

Napbots is a web platform offering a full range of performing and automated trading bots ready to be copied by crypto investors directly on their exchange account. Napbots is part of Napoleon Group which is an independent group specializing in crypto-asset investment solutions. It was born from a dual vision: (i) the emergence of crypto-assets as a new asset class in its own right offers unprecedented investment opportunities and (ii) the recent explosion in the performance of data algorithms opens up unparalleled possibilities for financial analysis. The group thus meets the expectations of diversified investment in crypto-assets of institutional/professional clients on the one hand via regulated or unregulated products, and via the rental of crypto trading software for individuals on the other hand.




NapBots is the Ultimate Crypto Trading Bot, that offers algorithmic trading strategies.

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NapBots, Ultimate Crypto Trading Bots

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