come home. to yourself.

anything that arises in this moment is fine.

anything? yes, anything.

even anger? yes, even anger.

jealousy? yes, jealousy.

even hatred? yes hatred is welcome.

what of contempt? that too.

where does it stop?

“that’s for you to decide,” said the teacher.

“what if i never decide?” that’s okay too. life is always moving through. it’s here, available, waiting for you.

all of these things you describe are mental projections, lies, fear — false evidence appearing real. they are the opposite of life, roadblocks to that which is ever present, always happening, without your mind making it into something else. entirely.

feel. notice. breathe. be. i’m waiting. you’ve been gone too long. it’s time to come hOMe.

Thank you for reading. My name is Heather Sage Church and I write to make sense of life. This poem-ish piece was inspired by a class I am taking with Kiran Trace called Delicious Body. The first line, “anything that arises in this moment,” belongs to her.