Learning to Live a Meditative, Mindful Life

As told in GIFs

Are you ready? Here we go ….

For most of my adult life, I’ve been teaching myself how to be more mindful. A reactionary person by nature, I spend time each morning visualizing my day so I can be more intentional about life.

Get up every morning and be like . . . I am peaceful. I can do this.

But the thing about life is that it doesn’t stop.

If you’re sitting at home by yourself, looking out into the woods (like I do pretty often), it’s easy to be calm, centered, mindful.

Sometimes I’m downright gleeful in my alone time. I’m a goddess who cannot be fazed.

Interacting with other people, however, all sorts of wrenches are thrown into the mindfulness game. Sometimes I work from Starbucks and there’s a huge line of people all prepared to buy and consume overpriced drinks. I think about it and it pisses me off (yet I still do it — hey, they have good wifi).

And sometimes people are assholes for no reason.

Thank goodness hot tea is a peace trigger for me. It reminds me to slow down. Sip. Find center.


I open my computer, ready to tackle the emails, requests, work tasks in a mindful manner, but as soon as I knock one out another arrives. My boss or a co-worker calls.

“I need it by the end of the day.”

“Can you do it now?”

Head down. Going. Completing. Accomplishing.

I forgot what I set out to do.

So I walk outside for some fresh air.

Yes. Life is happening all around us. We need to slow down, take it in. There is wonder everywhere. I feel joy in this moment.

Annnnd it’s time to go home ….

Zero to sixty to zero again. Life. What the eff just happened?

I get home and am welcomed by three furry family members who thought I was gone for a decade. They cannot contain their excitement. I don’t want them too. They get it right.

And life is pretty good again.

I’m reminded every day that life is hard and beautiful and heart-wrenching and amazing.
It’s all a practice.

In the end, I hope I can say I tried. And I loved. And I made the world a better place.

Today, in this moment, I’m grateful.

Thanks for having a little fun with me today. My name is Heather Sage Church. I’m a writer and yoga educator from SE Ohio. Connect with me on Instagram or Twitter.