Live in the Sunshine

Introducing the adventures of Harpur & Bodhi

Art is therapy, and though I wouldn’t consider myself an artist, I began drawing as a way to heal. My mother passed in January, and my only child is in her eighteenth year. Consequently I’ve been grieving both losses, huge, life-changing transitions among women across three generations — with me in the middle.

I’ve always been a writer, but drawing calls forth another realm of my soul.

Enter Harpur & Bodhi

Harpur is a blend of all of the female parts of me. She’s also parts of the two most important women in my life — my mom and my daughter.

Mostly she’s the little girl in all of us who seeks love, acceptance, joy, wonder, adventure … all the wonderful, simple things in life.

Bodhi is a sweet australian shepherd/labrador mix who is loyal, loving and kind. He just loves spending time with Harpur and making her laugh.

I am putting these conscious creations into the world as an offering of love, but also as an exploration in learning to let go and to accept myself.


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