Mindfulness is in the Body

Pete Bellis via Unsplash

The practice of embodiment is both elusive and real. The sensations I’ve experienced in training this year have been profound. I want everyone to dwell in the richness. And it’s as easy as getting quiet, paying attention with intention.

It’s a form of mindfulness — a rich form that goes beyond trying to control the mind. For years that’s all I’ve attempted to do. But I now realize …

The mind cannot be controlled.

At least not for me, not in this age we live in. We are overloaded. Most of us simply cannot get the mind to stop. But we can …

Teach the mind to respond in new ways. We can slow the thoughts down. We can introduce new ways of being, but not at the level of the mind.

Dropping sensation into the body gives us much more choice. Instead of letting the mind run amok, we can set our attention on intention.

Wherever you are, take a deep breath. Sit, stand or lie down and notice.

  • Are your shoulders relaxed?
  • Is your breathing steady?
  • What tension are you holding in your hips?
  • Are you furrowing your brow or clenching your teeth?

Don’t you feel better already?


Hi! I’m Heather, a professional writer and yoga educator from SE Ohio. I muse about life from a yoga, embodiment and mindfulness perspective. I’m also writing at book; download A Prelude to Yoga Prayers for an early peek.