More of a Yogi Now

I’ll always be a yoga teacher whether I teach or not …

Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash

I taught yoga for ten years. It was an amazing life. But life took a toll over the last two years.

If you teach yoga, you know how much it needs of you — all of you. And if you don’t teach yoga, trust me. It does.

We yogi types don’t do anything half-assed. We put our whole asses into life. Our down dogs prove it.

But teaching is a lot different than practice.

To teach well you must prepare — themes, sequencing, music, tone, anatomy — the list goes on. And preparing takes time.

During most of the years I taught yoga, I was also freelancing as a writer and content strategist, two very different skill sets. I was constantly switching gears; I had no time for myself. And then my mom got sick — real sick.

To teach yoga is to give of yourself, to share your heart. How do you do that when it feels like life is falling apart?

While I’ll always be a yoga teacher, I’m not actively teaching right now. I accepted a full-time position as communication and marketing director for an amazing non-profit. I work from home. I still practice, and self care is a must. I’m more of a yogi than I was in those active teaching years.

To me, yoga is about living my best life, examining and honoring my truth, being a witness to myself, slowing down each day, accepting what is, and being in the now.

I couldn’t do that while I was teaching yoga. I was teaching it; hell, I was preaching it. But I wasn’t living it. What kinda crap is that? I’m not a fake or a phony. I believed in the things I was teaching, but I was stuck.

Take a look at your life. Examine it whole-heartedly. Do you feel joy? Are you living your truth?

Sometimes the thing you want the most is not what’s best for you. Perhaps it benefits others. Perhaps you loved it for a while then you got stuck too. Maybe you started to identify with that thing so you didn’t see a way to change. That was my story.

Change is constant. I’m thankful for that. It gives us a way to examine and reevaluate — and to seek new direction (or stay the same) using the information we receive.

I will always be a yoga teacher. It’s ingrained deeply in me.

I am thankful for the journey; the people I met, the lives I touched, the lives who touched mine. But teaching a yoga class isn’t the only way to reach others. It’s just one way to do a thing.

I write for a lot of the same reasons that I taught — to share what’s in my heart.

Writing is my only platform now. I feel peace in it today. Tomorrow may be different. I’ll stay open to possibility and trust life will show me the way.

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