Our First Mother’s Day Without Her

A few words to honor my mother’s life — and an offering to others who’ve lost their moms

Today we celebrate you, mom. We are following through on your request of an intimate celebration of life. I am honored to gather in your name on the 19. I know how much you loved it here. The woods and mountains always soothed your soul. I felt your excitement for Jarred and I as we finally built and settled in our little hideaway in the middle of the woods.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. We miss you. And today we gather to honor you.

Though we hold the only physical part left of you, we know there’s so much more.

In our minds, you left too soon, but in our hearts there is deeper understanding. We are thankful you’re at peace now.

May WE find peace knowing you’re right here, in each of us, in our DNA and in our memories every day.

We can close our eyes and pray for your return or we can open them and see all you’ve created in our lives.

Our hearts can be empty in your absence or they can be full because of the time we had with you.

We can remember that you’re gone or we can allow you to live on through our memories.

We can feel empty, turn our backs and close our minds, or we can do what you’d want: open our eyes, go on living and love more deeply.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. We miss you. Today we gather to honor you.
And though we hold the only physical part left of you, we know there’s so much more.

Thank you for reading and Happy Mother’s Day. If your mom is still with you, hug her real tight, and tell her how much she means to you.