Story Sutras

An exploration in real time storytelling

Andrew Ly via Unsplash

Last week I was scrolling the internet in search of social media ideas for a new client and stumbled upon an interesting concept that piqued my interest.

Real Time Storytelling

We make sense of our lives through stories — the ones we tell and the ones we hear. We see ourselves in stories — or we don’t, and we wonder what the person telling the story must feel like.

Stories make us feel. Stories make us human.

Prior to the written word, we were telling stories around the campfire for eons. Today we read to see ourselves more clearly.

We cry for the broken hearted, cheer for the ones who can’t catch a break, laugh at the funny stories, feel a calm sense of being when the story is happy or loving. We deeply experience humanity through our stories.

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I’m going through a lot of lifestuff right now, and writing is one of the ways I’m moving through. It’s the primary way I move through anything.

Sooooo, I’m going try this concept out. Follow me and #storysutra on social media (mostly Twitter but maybe Instagram too) and join in the fun. Sometimes I’ll tell full stories on my own. Other times I’ll announce a chat time and we’ll tell stories together.

Why #storysutra? A sutra is a thread or aphorism — a string of ideas woven together to form a whole. It’s how life works.

Each breath leads to the next. Each step follows the one before. Each day is different. Each day we begin again.


Hi! I’m Heather, a professional writer and yoga educator from SE Ohio. I muse about life from a yoga, embodiment and mindfulness perspective. I’m also writing at book; download A Prelude to Yoga Prayers for an early peek.