A compilation of essays around living a virtuous life

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

We all want to live more deeply every day, right? I certainly do, which is why I started a weekly habit of writing about virtues — what they mean to me, how they are presenting in my life, and how I’m internalizing them — in this time.

Every day we are different. I am interested in growth. I hope they will be interesting to read 1, 5, 10, 20 years from now. Join me if you desire! All virtues or listed below.



  • Caring, Cleanliness, Commitment, Compassion, Confidence, Consideration, Contentment, Cooperation, Courage, Creativity
  • Detachment, Determination, Dignity
  • Encouragement, Enthusiasm, Ethical, Excellence
  • Fairness, Faith, Flexibility, Forgiveness, Friendliness
  • Generosity, Gentleness, Graciousness, Gratitude
  • Harmonious, Honesty, Honor, Hope, Humility
  • Idealism, Integrity, Imaginative
  • Joyfulness
  • Kindness
  • Love, Loyalty
  • Moderation, Modesty
  • Optimism, Orderliness
  • Passionate, Patience, Peace, Perseverance, Preparedness, Purposefulness
  • Reliability, Respect, Responsibility, Reverence
  • Self-discipline, Service, Sincerity
  • Tact, Temperance, Tenacious, Thankfulness, Tolerance, Trust, Truthfulness
  • Understanding, Unity
  • Visionary
  • Wisdom, Wonder

Heather is a writer and yoga educator. She shares daily-ish here as part of her spiritual practice, and is working on her first book, Yoga Prayers. A free e-book, A Prelude to Yoga Prayers, will be available in August 2017.


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