Yoga Prayers

Timeless Teachings for the Present Moment

INTRODUCTION … ‘Welcome to Yoga Prayers, a modern day look at age-old yoga philosophy. For clarity, this e-book was developed as a free offering as a prelude to a longer book of the same subject. You, the reader, are getting a look at the second draft as this project takes life.’

‘As an adjunct teaching professional on several Ohio University regional campuses, I teach yoga to enrolled students in the Physical Education Department. The setting provides advantages and disadvantages. It’s taken me years to fine tune what I teach in such a setting, accounting for age, abilities, demographics, academia and more. It has always been my goal to teach more than asana (poses), and I experimented and requested feedback for several years before deciding on a standard format each semester …’

Enter Yoga Prayers.

Get the first 25 pages as a FREE e-book.

Full version of the book was supposed to be available in 2018, but time is running out and I’m rethinking the full version. The e-book, however, is a great overview of the history of yoga. Enjoy!

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