Student Offers Boyfriend On Free & For Sale Page And Doesn’t Even Seek Best Offer

The poster and her boyfriend, as featured on Free & For Sale.

(Originally posted on September 30, 2014.)

Eugene, Ore. — Numerous social media sources reported that one member in the Free & For Sale group page on Facebook, who wishes to be anonymous despite her name having been posted for over 5,000 other members to see, offered her boyfriend without even seeking a best offer.

“$30 but willing to go down,” the post read. “Everything must go. Well I mean the video game he’s playing is mine but you can have all of him. You might actually have to talk to him, sorry. Take him to football and basketball games and you won’t have to that much. And he’s kay in bed.”

Many male members proficient in economics spoke out against the poster.

“What kind of twisted person would sell her boyfriend for less than $100?” junior Economics major Richie Rick commented on the post. “I think I speak for boyfriends everywhere when I say that even the shitty ones are worth that much, and should not be insulted by this weak market.”

“I can’t believe this bitch doesn’t respect her boyfriend enough to go for the best offer. I would have bid up to $200 for him. I need a good bro,” freshman Mark Keyt said, later mentioning he was going to make an offer online but didn’t want to contribute to cheapening the boyfriend’s intrinsic value by doing so. Instead, he commented, “Don’t let her get to you, man. You deserve so much more — like at least $70 more.”

Interpreting these responses as misogynistic and “a perfect example of a patriarchal society’s stupidity, making it completely reasonable for men to be sold like the tools they are,” Valerie Geldsucher, a Business, Economics, and Women Studies triple major, defended the poster’s ethical right to offer her boyfriend for less than $100.

“She has every right to sell her boyfriend at whatever price she believes is fitting,” Geldsucher said. “She was probably just being generous with the $30, albeit stupid, because that man, even if he’s a complete asshole, could sell for upwards to thousands of dollars. It doesn’t cheapen him in any way to sell him for lower, but admittedly it does cheapen the woman. She better hope that she finds a rich husband, because she won’t go far economically in life with this mentality.”

When asked why she would sell her boyfriend for $30 or less, the poster clarified, “I mean, it was his idea. I wanted to sell the video game so we could try bonding more or whatever, and he was all, like, ‘FUCK NO, sell me, just not the game!’ And then he said he really wanted to be sold the price of the video game, and I was all, like, ‘kay.’”

Several Microeconomics and Economics in Politics classes are rumored to be holding discussions on this matter and whether it could produce a thriving industry in the near future.