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A Week of Motivating Stories to Help Aspiring Authors Get Busy!

EMAIL BULLETIN #5 — Sunday: 7/03/22


Hello to anyone who happens to be reading this weekly email bulletin every Sunday. I’m hoping that I at least have the attention of a few authors and writers on Medium, with fiction projects to promote.

This week, I did a lot of talking about staying busy and being productive as a writer and aspiring author. Have you considered that maybe it’s time you stop wanting to write and publish a book, and time to just do it.

Don’t be afraid of setbacks. Setbacks happen, but so what. I’ve learned not to let setbacks stop me from what I really want to do.

For instance:

Since the initial launch of Exposure, and the great start that it got off to in the very beginning, things have begun to slow down.

But while the fiction writers on the platform may be preoccupied with other things, I’m still using the focus of my Newsletter theme, to help me and my own fiction writing get back on track.

Keep reading, and I’ll tell you what I mean in the “Top Story” section.

The current list of Medium fiction writers didn’t increase at all this week, but that’s okay. That just leaves more time for me to focus on more ways to help expose the writers that are already listed.


Since none of the existing writers provided any news or updates on what they’re up to, my top news is focused on yours truly instead.

I’m all too happy to hear from fiction writers listed in the directory. If you send me emails, letting me know what you need promoted, I’ll be here to help provide Exposure.

When no news comes across my screen, that’s when I begin to MAKE news. The news I made this past week, was the sudden release of a collection of stories.

Since I hadn’t mentioned any plans to publish this particular project, I’m sure it came as a surprise to readers. But as I shared in the related story about how the book came about, this was a spur of the moment decision.

Earlier in the week, when I published the reveal of the sea story book cover, I also shared the name of my new “publishing arm” — JUST GOODE PUBLISHING.

That’s when I decided to compile the stories contained in the book you see here. I published it right away, and here it is:

Noteworthy stories this past week:

Although I normally use this section to provide a number of links to stories you may have missed this past week, this time, I’m providing just the one link.

On Friday, I wrote a story and did a good job of summing up the helpful stories that writers don’t want to overlook.

If you read this story, you’ll get a nice recap, plus have access to the stories that will motivate you to get up off your butt and do MORE.

7 Helpful Stories to MOTIVATE the Lazy Writer in You!

Don’t underestimate some of the past week’s news and updates.

There was some beneficial information about an ongoing STORYTELLER CONTEST, and the prize is over $24,000.

There’s also a warning to writers who plan to upload a manuscript to Smashwords, and/or KDP.

The Week Ahead

Last week, I teased a story that mentioned a promotional opportunity for writers and authors. In the week ahead, you’ll be able to make a request to get in on the action!

The promotion talked about having your name visible in the AMAZON MARKETPLACE.

Here’s the details:

As was previously discussed, my sea story collection: “Tails of the Mermaids” will be released by the end of July (2022).

Although I am currently still in the process of editing and formatting the stories for the book, I plan to have ADVANCE READ COPIES (ARC) available by July 15th.

At that time, I will provide the book to anyone who requests a copy via email. I’m hoping to get readers who request a copy, to submit an honest review.

  • As an incentive for genuine reviews, any feedback provided, containing constructive criticism is welcome, and will be acknowledged in a related Medium story.
  • As an extra incentive, I plan to publish many of the comments on the book jacket (back), and on a special Thank You page (inside the book) to Medium writers.

Writers and authors who submit reviews are welcome to provide one of their own book or story titles, to be promoted in the acknowledgement.

Whether you have one or more books on sale in the Amazon marketplace, or you plan to publish a book soon and you want to get your name out there, why not take advantage of this opportunity.

All you have to do is read, write, and share your thoughts. And make sure you provide one of your titles, so people can get used to seeing your name. IF YOU WOULD LIKE A COPY TO READ & REVIEW — SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST TO: “MediumExposure@gmail.com”

Please know that this can be a good way to put your name in front of potential readers for your own books and stories.

Your name and one of your titles will be promoted, if your book review comments are included on my book jacket, and inside my book.

In case you don’t already know it, I’m the queen of self promotion. Just notice these 3 stories I previously wrote on the subject:

As the queen of self promotion, I plan to use every opportunity that I can, to shine more light on my new sea story collection.

So every time I create exposure and visibility for my book —the cited book reviewers will gain more exposure as well.

PLEASE NOTE: Reviews must be genuine and well thought out, not merely superficial or generic kudos.


  1. The first thing you need to do is simply send an email request, asking to receive an advance copy of the book.
  2. You will receive the copy on July 16, and have until July 29th to submit your feedback via email (This will allow for enough time to publish book reviews and the book can be released).
  3. By submitting your feedback on the book, you are agreeing to have your comments published and your name attached to the review.

Although going to Amazon to leave your book review (once the book is released) would be totally awesome, the book reviews being discussed and requested right not, are not about Amazon reviews.

Concluding Thoughts

That’s pretty much everything that I wanted to share and recap. Since the crickets have barely been chirping around here lately, I find myself losing a bit of my enthusiasm.

But one of the best ways for me to get back that spark of excitement, is to read and see what other writers are up to. I must admit, that’s not something I’ve been doing a lot of lately, but I plan to do better.

I’m actually excited about cruising the fiction publications and see what writers are creating, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing Justiss Goode comments pop up in your feeds.

You guys know how I love to talk…

Until next week — take care 😄



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