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This is an email from Exposure!, a newsletter by Daily Justiss.


FINAL EMAIL BULLETIN #9 — Saturday: 7/30/22

Last Greeting:

Hello everyone,

Hope you guys had a good week. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the time flew by for me. I’ve been extremely busy in my fiction writing world — apart from Medium, plus my “real” life outside of cyberspace.

I’m trying my darndest to eliminate unnecessary stress in my life, so I can cruise on into my senior years. But as I’ve shared about myself time and time again, for me, writing is both a savior and a thorn in my side.

As much as I want to stop writing altogether, and simply get out into the world and live my life, I continually get sucked into the activity, time and time again.

Before launching this newsletter email two months ago, I had finally decreased my time and activities on Medium, and made a decision to be content with the affect on my stats.

I was actually quite happy; having decided to limit myself to reading one day a week on Medium, and publishing four or five stories a month (yeah right).

THEN — I got the big idea for “Exposure”, and here we are…

Gone but still here

I just wanted to give an official goodbye to you Subscribers, but the rest of what I have to say to you all, is published in this story, that is also addressing the entire Medium community:

Fiction Writers: One Final Promotion for Published Authors!

Although the Exposure newsletter is gone, the concept remains in place, so my Daily Justiss publication will continue to publish stories that help illuminate fiction writers.


Whether or not I continue being as prolific a writer as I’ve been in the past, and share more stories for your enjoyment, or I limit my writing to 4 or 5 evergreen stories a month, I’ll still be here.

And in between waiting for new stories to drop each month, you can always pop over to my Justiss Goode profile page and take your time, browsing through my current catalogue of 800 stories.

Even if you’ve been following me on Medium for a while, you’ve probably only read a fraction of all the great topics I’ve covered.

My Daily Justiss publication alone has hundreds of stories, not to mention those stories I have published in NUMEROUS publications on Medium.

You can start accessing them easily, by visiting my Profile page, and clicking on any of the stories you see pinned there.

The point is, you can keep enjoying Justiss Goode, whenever you like.

Goodbye and thanks for your support

With a little more time on my hands now, I look forward to having time to go back to reading more of your awesome stories.

I’ll see you all around the water cooler…😄



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