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In May of 2021, Justiss Goode showed up on the Medium platform, and quickly became a regular member and prolific writer in the community.

👉 Fast forward — three years later, and I am still here:

Publishing, Promoting, and Creating useful content for members and visitors to the website.

I always try hard, to be my authentic self, and let that be the first thing that readers notice about me.

Allow me to tell you a little more about myself…

Who is Justiss Goode?

During the time I’ve spent as a Medium member, I’ve published several versions and types of “About Me” and “Bio” stories.

One reason that I like to provide periodic updates, is because I get a kick out of re-introducing myself to the new members in the community, as they come on the scene.

I enjoy providing fresh perspectives of how I want to be viewed as a Medium writer and supportive member to others in the community.

When you want to have a fun and experienced cheerleader be like a mentor for your writing on Medium, I’m someone who



Justiss Goode | F😄M
Daily Justiss

Prolific Writer | Publication Editor | Friend of the Community: Always down to support fellow writers and their stories, in fun, creative, and promotional ways!