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EMAIL BULLETIN #4 — Sunday: 6/26/22


Hello again everyone. I’m back on another awesome Sunday, and here to bring you a recap of what’s been going on this past week, as it relates to Exposure.

And of course, I’ve got a preview of what you can all expect from the week ahead.

So sit down with a cup of your favorite beverage, take a sip, and get started reading…

Recently Added:

Although the past week didn’t see a mad rush of fiction writers, all clamoring to get listed in the directory, Exposure still managed to add a new name to the list.

A big welcome was given to fiction writer: J. Salvatore Domino and I look forward to sharing some details about him in the future. In the meantime, you can check out his Bio, and see who this guy is :-)


Among the top stories for the previous week, was the one I chose to share about writer collaborations. If you didn’t already do so, be sure you get a chance to read: If You Want to Collaborate: Start Polishing Up Your FICTION Writing!

Readers seem to really be appreciating that particular story, and it’s a good thing too, because it came on the heels of the bad news I had to deliver about the cancelled group collaboration of sea stories.

More noteworthy stories for the week were:

When I was reviewing stories not long ago, hoping to find sea stories for my pending collection, I noticed some common mistakes that many writers and authors were making.

I noticed them right away, because I used to make the same mistakes!

Many readers got a chance to enjoy some interesting, and entertaining details about the infamous David Perlmutter — aka: the highlighter guy.

You just never know who’s who in life, so be careful passing judgement.

If you remember from a week ago, I shared a story about how you can go from being a niche writer, to being a self published author in no time. Well if you read that story and take that advice, this next story shows you what your next SMART step should be.

You can turn your new little ebook into an audio book!


Since Exposure only gained one new writer to the directory this week, it left room for a little promotional time.

  • I was able to take the list of all the current fiction writers we have so far, and post a promotional tweet, linking to their Bios, and asking the Twitterverse to go check them out.
  • Another cool Twitter promotion for the writers took place, when I compiled all the tweets I posted, and created a tidy little Twitter Moment.

Here’s the story containing the details and the link: Enjoy A Twitter MOMENT And Some Awesome Fiction Writers!

The Week Ahead

Last week, I mentioned that I would be discussing more about what my plans are for the collection of short sea stories.

While I am still on schedule to publish the collection in July, I didn’t get around to providing the details about the new cover, and other publishing information.

It seems that working with fiction writers and authors via Exposure, has gotten me back on track with my own fiction writing. So I’m busy juggling between listing and promoting writers, keeping everyone updated, and working on my own fiction projects.

With that said, just know that the book cover reveal and details about the book are coming soon — Monday to be exact. Right now, I’m debating on which excerpt I’ll be providing as a teaser, so stay tuned.

Here are the two stories you definitely want to be on the look out for this week:

Cover Image REVEAL for A Fiction Book Release in July! — Did you know that what’s on the cover of your book can help readers when they do a search?

How Long Will You Wait Before You DECIDE to Publish Your First Book? — Don’t let striving for perfection be the reason you fail to act!

Concluding Thoughts

Okay guys, that’s about it. Once again, I want to thank anyone and everyone who is taking the time to to subscribe and follow Exposure.

I’m happy for the support, no matter how many or how few writers I can get to take part and interact. This whole endeavor is strictly about trying to provide visibility and shine light on the various activities that fiction writers are engaged in.

So feel free to drop me an email when you have something to share, and I’ll be sure to let folks know what you have going on.

Until next time, have a great week!

Please be sure to watch for the next bulletin (Sunday (7/03/22)



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