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Daily Learnings [16/10/19] — Talent, Effort, and Skills

Source: Book Grit by Angela Duckworth

Insights and Learnings:

  • Talent x Effort → Skill 💡
  • Skill x Effort → Achievement 👑

When we see someone is doing something really-really good, we tend to conclude it as a “gift”. We choose not to explore or understand how they could be that good.

Reason: It’s the most comfortable place for humans to think that way because by default we just don’t want to accept the fact that we could also do that by putting a lot of hard work and dedication into it.

To have a more holistic view of it is just uncomfortable because it’s hard and requires more work.

We see achievement like “magic”. We didn’t really see (or prefer not to see) the hard work that people really put into it.

This is a personal learning notes from the books and articles I read, the videos I watched, and podcasts I listened to.

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Andrew Prasatya


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