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Daily Learnings [17/6/2019]-Building a purpose-driven culture

Learnings/ insights:

#1 Case studies and research about a teacher that told some kids have a higher potential to grow more. In reality, the sample of the children was random. Meaning that the children were the same as others.

After measuring the research, the experimental group is performing well compared to the control group. Why? Some explanation:

  • Learning/ Input: The teacher tends to give more learning materials to the students
  • Care and listen: The teacher gives more time and attention to the students
  • Response opportunity: The teacher called the student more often and listen to them more
  • Feedback: The teacher provides more feedback

Key Learnings: Tell people the more the optimistic view of things

#2 Case studies of Hooligan in Portugal European league.

  • The previous approach: the police were armed, there is a security car. Full armed forces to control the hooligan. The results? Still chaos. 1000 + EN fans ware arrested
  • The new approach suggested by a scientist: Use more social signs. Example: Do not war the old-fashion police suites. Instead, use a blue coat. No huge police car. Results? Only 1 EN fans were arrested

Key Learnings: Social sign sometime seems very “meh” but in reality that’s what makes people change their behavior and it’s way more effective than just tell people what they need to do.

#3 Case studies of the donor for a scholarship (Adam Grant experiment)

  • The response rate was super low. The university raised very little money.
  • The hypothesis: The donors don’t really know how the money was used in reality by the university.
  • The new approach from Adam Grant:
    #1 Ask the students to write the letter and explain as explicit as possible the benefits of the scholarship
    #2 He takes the students to the donors to meet face to face to have the chat

Key Learnings: When we want to ask help from people, tell them as explicit as possible how the help is really beneficial for us. Because when we help someone and the person feel the benefits, we as human loves that.

One way to see the culture of a group is to see how fast they really learn something new.

This is a personal learning notes from the books and articles I read, the videos I watched, and podcasts I listened to. You can check more like this here.



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