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Emotional Crisis Guide for Manager and Individual Contributor

Source: First Round Review — Liz and Mollie [11/5/20]

Learnings and insights:

  • If you’re finding that you’re reacting — and perhaps overreacting — in similar ways, take a step back and remind yourself: “This might not be about this specific person or work situation. This is happening because I’m anxious and scared about the future
  • Don’t let a sense of urgency in one part of your life bleed into every single other area. Not everything is urgent right now. Some emails can wait.
  • “Stress” is about the short-term: Will the grocery store has what you need? How can you finish these projects for work today with your kids running around at home?
  • “Anxiety” is more long-term. It’s worrying about the future, whether you’ll have a job or get sick, for example. Everyone is feeling a lot of both right now
  • Take 15 minutes to create a list of everything that you’re worried about. Then label each one as a ‘within’ or a ‘beyond’ to see your sources of stress and anxiety laid bare. Beyond are outside of your control. Within are issues that you can act on.
  • Separate what you can control from what you can’t. It’s a small way to lift some weight off your shoulders.
  • Reminder for managers: Protecting yourself emotionally is the best thing you can do to protect your reports emotionally. Think about how your actions are going to affect someone else’s day.

This is a personal learning notes from the books and articles I read, the videos I watched, podcasts I listened to, or people I talked to.




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