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How to Hire Your Next Team Members?

Source: Personal Learnings & Journey

It’s The People” — People are the foundation of a company. The primary job of a manager is to help people be more effective in their job and grow and develop.

To build a great team, we need to hire the right person.

The next question is “How?”

Here are 7 things I found quite helpful!

#1 Produce a compelling job description (JD)

What makes the role challenging? What can people get/ learn from it? Why should people apply for it?

#2 Add pre-screening questions

In your application form add 2–3 pre-screen questions there for you to do an early filter of all the applicants.

#3 Distribute your JD

Share it on your LinkedIn, connections, groups, etc.

#4 Do a passive search

Open your LinkedIn and search-relevant keywords and send a short and brief message to the person about the role you are now looking at

#5 Prepare complete interview questions

Prepare a set of questions that can help you to assess both the technical & behavioral elements of the person. Great read here from First Round Review.

#6 Final case study

Having a great interview with the person? It’s time to give them the final case study. Create detailed questions/ challenges to test their understanding of the role they will be doing later.

Give them 2–4 days to work on the challenges & ask them to present the results with a QnA session with you.

#7 Team’s Pulse Check

Set a 30–45 min casual chat between the potential new members, with the existing team members (exclude yourself).

The goal is to get your team members' thoughts about the candidate & give the chance to the candidate to ask more honest questions about the team & company.

(There will be more points added here. But for now, we’ll keep it short and sweet! #comingsoon)

These are personal learning notes from the books and articles I read, the videos I watched, podcasts I listened to, or people I talked to.



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