Balance Isn’t About Being Still

It’s about trusting the stillness within.

A mentor of mine said recently that the goal of a seesaw is not to balance it perfectly on the fulcrum. The fun of a seesaw is in the motion. The flying up and falling down, knowing that you’re always anchored, that each time you go down, you’re about to be on your way up.

I’m reminded of palm trees — the fact that they derive their strength not from standing still, but from being willing to move. They don’t try to deny the fact that wind happens. They allow themselves to be moved by the wind, knowing that they are rooted strongly into the ground.

This is how we are, how our lives can be.

When we seek balance, strength, and resilience, let us not strive to stop the motion our lives. Let us not attempt to become unaffected by the ups and downs.

Let us be touched, knowing that we have deep roots, and a strong solid fulcrum.

We can enjoy the motion, like children enjoy seesaws, and palm trees enjoy wind.

And when the motion feels like way too much — when we get afraid of all the wind — let us look to the nature of that fulcrum. Look in the direction of your roots when you’re feeling out of sorts, and I bet you’ll find you’re ready to move again.

Brooke is a mentor, writer, and recovered worry wart. She helps fellow angsters get out of their heads and into their lives.