The Only Real Thing Is Love

Everything else is an illusion

I’ve been wondering a lot about whether or not our emotional experience can be triggered or otherwise influenced by the outside world. Can a cat-call make me feel angry? Can the sunshine make me feel happy? Can the ending of a movie make me feel touched?

I’ve been banging my head pretty hard against this question, to be honest. Even though I know wisdom comes in the form of insights from having a quiet, relaxed, open mind, I’ve really revved myself up about this. I’ve made my mind super noisy in search of answers.

On the one hand, it really seems like my experience is a reaction to my circumstances. And that makes sense because we’re all connected. Everything is one formless energy, but for our human ability to experience it otherwise. I’m not separate from my circumstances, so it stands to reason I would be influenced by them.

On the other hand, though, I know my resilience can never be snuffed out by my circumstances, and if that’s the case, then it stands to reason that my experience is independent of my circumstances. Because everything is all one thing, there is no real cause and effect going on.


Just now, I finally surrendered.

I gave up on the possibility of ever knowing.

That’s when I felt pure peace.



Then from that space a thought emerged:

But it just feels so real when I feel moved with gratitude for how beautiful the sky looks, or when I feel love for how pure my husband is. It really seems like I’m experiencing those feelings in response to the sky and to my husband.

That’s when it hit me, friends.

I am being touched.

I am experiencing love, and peace, and gratitude in response to the world around me.

That is real.

Because love is what’s real.

Feeling angry or afraid or sad or anxious or rejected or abandoned or any number of other painful feelings in response to something in the world around me is indeed an illusion, because those feelings are an illusion.

I cannot be made angry by an unkind word, because anger itself is the illusory experience. I cannot be made to feel insecure by a large number on my credit card bill, because insecurity itself is made up.

The illusion is real because it feels real, to be sure, but it is not caused by anything outside of me.

Nothing in my world can cause me to suffer, because suffering isn’t real. How could any part of a single whole cause another part of that whole to suffer?

The only experience caused by anything outside of me is a feeling of love, and that feeling can be caused by everything, because everything is made of love, including me.

When in doubt, look in the direction of the reality of love, my friends. The rest can take a hike.