What It Means to Get Married, Part 2

Love, wedding vows, and the notion of Forever

It’s December 2013, my love.

We met less than three months ago, and we’re already standing in your tiny kitchen talking about Forever.

I think it was our third or fourth date when you took me up into the Hollywood Hills on your motorcycle.

We watched Los Angeles sparkle while you said you thought we were like nicely nestled puzzle pieces.

There’s no question that we fit together now, you said.

The question is: how well will we fit in the future as our puzzle pieces continue to sprout new curves and offshoots?

Back to the kitchen and I’m asking how you’ll ever know the answer to that question. How can you ever know today if we’ll continue to fit tomorrow?

You say that frankly you have no idea. That’s why this whole Forever thing is tricky, you say.

From where I’m standing, I say, it seems like all we have is the feeling. And the way I feel is that I can see myself fitting with you for the long haul.

You say you’re pretty sure you feel that way, too.

And so we go on together.

One day at a time when we’re at our best. Getting ahead of ourselves when we’re feeling insecure.

We have a lot of fun. We travel a ton. We build wonderful things.

We never get bored, even when we’re waiting in line at the grocery store.

We go through some serious shit that brings us closer together, and some that almost makes us call it quits.

But even when we’re on the brink of cutting our losses, I’m having more fun with you than I’ve ever had with anyone. I trust you more than I’ve ever trusted anyone.

We learn that love is more than a feeling. It’s a thing you do.

We get pretty darn good at loving each other.

We become a team.

It’s been almost four years now, my love.

Four years since that first Friday the 13th, the first time you picked me up on your motorcycle (at my request). Our epitomizing first date that began with me making you meet my roommates, continued with conversation over tacos, and ended with you showing me your currency collection.

We’ve finally figured out this Forever thing, haven’t we?

Well, actually, we’re sort of cheating, aren’t we?

We’re getting married in six days, but we’re not going to say anything at all about Forever.

We’re not going to make any promises about the future.

We’re going to stick with what we know: the present.

“I, Brooke, love you, Daniel, unconditionally,” is what I’ll say. And you’ll say your version of it back to me.

Because that’s been what’s been true since day one.

And hey, it’s gotten us this far.

Let’s see how much further we can go.

October, 2013