Where the magic happens

There is a space — before words and concepts, before our intellects take over— where all the magic happens.

And by magic, I mean the good stuff. And by good stuff, I mean everything we humans are searching for.

It’s where compassion is easy, gratitude comes naturally, and love is boundless. We feel connected, powerful, and humble all at once. Our senses feel flooded with stimuli, and we see beauty in everything. We feel at ease. We suddenly find we know exactly what to do next, and yet, it’s a space where we don’t need to try, practice, or improve, because we remember that everything we’ve been searching for has been right here all along.

I don’t know if it’s really a space, though. Maybe it’s a feeling. Maybe a level of consciousness. An experience.

See, the thing about a thing before concepts is that words can’t describe it. At least not directly. Words can make metaphors, though, and metaphors are beautifully effective at using form to point to formless. I just hope you won’t take the metaphor for the thing. (It’s easy to do. And okay, too.)

The space I’m talking about can only be pointed to, and when I point to the moon, I hope you’ll use my finger only as a guide.

I hope you know you can touch that space right now if you need to. You never really leave the space, because you are it, even when it doesn’t seem that way. The space I’m talking about lacks ideas, words, concepts, and judgments, and so our experience of touching it can seem tricky to remember.

But, do you remember the feeling? Do you remember the easy feeling of laughing with a friend with nothing on your mind? Do you remember the free feeling of running so fast your thoughts slip away? How about the feeling of flow when doing the thing you’re best at? The feeling of teetering on the brink of sleep?

That’s something of what it is to touch that space.

And when you’re ready, I hope you enjoy your intellect, and ideas, and concepts again. It’s fun to live in this illusory word, especially when we know we are more than the illusion.

Enlightenment isn’t limited to Buddhas, saints, and prophets. It’s not always an explosion of light. It’s usually easy and ordinary. It’s happening right now to each of us and all of us at once.

After all, you’re Everything taking form in Something — a Something that has always been Everything, and yet, will never be this kind of Something again.

How beautiful you are, dear friend.

Brooke is a mentor, writer, and recovered worry wart. She helps fellow angsters get out of their heads and into their lives.