Finally, Daily got a list layout (!!!)

TL;DR: Yes you read the title correctly. Keep reading.

Our GitHub account starts to be super active, thanks to the help of our loyal Daily users. We are extremely grateful for your contributions!

Many of you gave feedback, but one request was so dominant we couldn’t avoid it anymore:

Introducing… INSANE MODE

INSANE MODE is the new layout of Daily which enables you:

  1. To consume massive amounts of dev content faster than ever before
  2. Focus on other tasks, in case you find the cards layout “too distracting”
  3. To brag that you are much cooler than your other developer friends

Enough talking — go to settings on Chrome or Firefox and update to the latest version of Daily (v 1.6.2) which has this awesome new feature.

Don’t know how to do it? Mr. Google will be more than happy to help you with that.

Still don’t know what is Daily?

We help devs focus on code instead of searching for news

Yes, it’s free! Every single day new and updated development technologies are being released across the web. For us as developers, staying updated is a huge hassle. Don’t bother looking anywhere else, simply install the extension, open a new tab and you’re all set!

If you call yourself a developer make sure you check it out! Get it here