Daily Pnut Turns 1, Helps Un-F*ck The World

We are fucked.

No seriously, things are pretty bad, and by all indications they are going to get worse. We could lie to you and tell you things are going to be great, but then we would sound like a certain orange-toned goblin running for President. And, frankly, he’s wrong.

When people asked us why we started Daily Pnut, we tell them exactly that: the world is in disarray, and we’re here to help make sense of it all.

And, no, this isn’t hyperbole. A major US party nominated a man who thinks that global warming was created by the Chinese to destroy US industry. Meanwhile, the rest of the party is advocating to lock up their main opponent in a scene reminiscent of Latin America circa 1970.

You would think the Democrats would be able to steamroll their way to the White House when faced with that kind of opposition. But, no, they are actually behind in some polls due to a truly remarkable combination of ineptitude and condescension. Fantastic.

This isn’t just a US phenomenon. Britain voted to “Brexit” the EU. Why? Because a drunken toad called Nigel Farage and former London mayor and failed trapeze artist Boris Johnson told them to “take their country back.” Oh and also that the Turks were going to sneak into the UK via the EU. Turkey is not in the EU, but hey, facts are for suckers in this brave new world.

Faced with the impending demise of liberal democracy we, the media, have been hacked by Russian trolls and an addiction to digital cocaine — page views, video views, social engagement or whatever the metric du jour may be.

In an effort to remain “relevant” we’ve appealed to our lowest common denominator, bombarding poor, unsuspecting viewers with self-righteous anger (like this piece, sorry), inane lists about kittens and puppies or a hamster wheel of “breaking news” like the fact that five more votes in the Michigan primary were counted.

So, instead of subjecting our readers to this endless barrage of worthlessness, we’ve decided to build a media company that relies on novel concepts like getting the facts straight, understanding the issues and delivering it to you in a way you might actually want to read.

So voila, a year ago, Daily Pnut was born.

And it seems that our vision resonates with a lot of people, 100,000 to be exact!

In one year, 100,000 people have joined our daily digest, realizing our vision that a media company can, in fact, cover world news in a way that people care about.

And we aren’t stopping there. We are launching a bunch of new email products and expanding our presence online and on Medium.

Over the past few weeks, we launched two more newsletters in two new verticals:

  • #Pnut4Prez, a weekly politics newsletter with the latest from the campaign trail.
  • Sweet Chili Delivery, a weekly music newsletter that will start your week off right with some jams.

We also have plans in the works for live events. Imagine Daily Pnut brought to life with a combination of experts, fellow Pnutters and booze. Stay tuned.

But we still need your help! To reach the next 100,000 subscribers, spread the word about Daily Pnut by sharing us on Facebook.

We are so grateful for your support. Thank you so much for being a loyal Pnutter and for being part of this amazing journey.

Power to the Pnut and to un-fucking the world!

— Alex and Tewfik Cassis, Daily Pnut Co-Founders